Should I Shave My Dog?

Should I be shaving my dog when it gets really hot? Will shaving keep my dog cooler? Just as we tend to take a few layers off ourselves when the temperature starts to rise, many of us feel that it’s only fair to do the same for Fido. But are we really doing our dogs a favor or might we be unintentionally harming them with our good intentions?

Natural Defense

It makes sense right? The less fur on our dogs the less they will overheat, right? I mean you won’t see me in my winter parka in mid July when the sun feels like it could fry an egg in the middle of the street! In reality, the dog’s coat acts as a natural defense against the intense heat. Shaving it simply means you are robbing them of their natural defense against sunburn and summer heat.

Dogs in waterRegulating Temperature

There is a real difference between human hair and the fur of a dog. The fur coat of a dog helps in regulating temperature both in the hot summer months and even during the cold winter months. You can compare it to the insulation of your home.

Unlike human hair, dog fur consists of several layers that are responsible for controlling temperature and giving your dog the comfort it desires.

That being said, a light trim and regular coat maintenance are necessary sometimes. If your dog likes to go for a swim, for example, then trimming his coat will allow the fur to dry faster and diminish the risks of dreads and skin infections.

Because every breed is different, it might be a good idea to speak with your vet or a certified grooming specialist before shaving your pup.


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